Play It, Sam: 7 surprises that brought the Premier League this 17-18 season.

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This article was written by Samuel López, like the rest in this category.



Hello everyone, I had time without being able to write an article for the blog since last year; sorry, college has been heavy and I want to finish that @% & # fast and that’s why I was absent all this time. I hope to write double, triple or quadruple more this year for you my fans (right). As you know, the Premier League is my favorite European football league:my team plays there, it’s the most competitive, etc. Therefore I hope to talk a lot about this league throughout the year–obviously this article will be about it.


So far this season there are some players who really came to surprise me because of their goalscoring ability, their styles of play and other attributes as well as their weekly performances on the field. I did not want to do only five, I’ll pull off a Dross and I’ll name seven, because like him it seems like a perfect number for tops. Alright, let’s start!


  1. Glenn Murray


The 34-year-old forward from Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. has managed to surprise many for his performances so far this season due to several reasons: his age, Brighton being a newly promoted side and his current 11 goals in the league, which in spite of being a relatively short amount for a center forward has been enough to surpass the likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Wayne Rooney, Alexis Sanchez, among others. This team itself has had a remarkable campaign, being able to beat Arsenal, Swansea City and West Ham among other teams, being the veteran Murray the protagonist of almost all these matches.

  1. Abdoulaye Doucouré


Being a defensive midfielder and at the same time being the star and best player on your team is something unique that not many can brag about. Well, Abdoulaye Doucouré is one of those few who can claim to be one. He is currently the player with the most minutes on Javi Gracia’s team, scoring 7 times and assisting another 2 in the league, also being the team’s biggest passer with a completion rate of 84%. The amount of good French midfielders is very enviable, borderline on ridiculous; here’s hoping he gets a call-up to his national side.

  1. Pascal Groß

Britain Soccer Premier League

The second Brighton player to enter in this top, and also one of the most important of the team at that. Coming from FC Ingolstadt of Germany for a sum of 3 million euros –an absolute bargain in this market-, Groß has become a key player in Chris Hughton’s squad, being the top assister of the team with 8 contributions to goal–half of these were for Murray, who the latter named the German as the best sidekick he has had throughout his career.

  1. Raheem Sterling


Personally, I have never been a huge Sterling fan, neither now nor in his time at Liverpool. But that does not mean that this season has not surprised me enough for him to take the 4th place in this top. He did not show much in the past few seasons, perhaps that 13-14 with Liverpool being the last time he played an important role; he is currently doing it again this time with Guardiola, managing to produce 24 goals: he has scored 17 and has 7 assists in the league, becoming an extremely influential figure for the Citizens.

  1. Nicolas Otamendi


Otamendi is currently playing as prime Maldini, it’s that simple. In my opinion, he was never bad to begin with; in Kompany’s absence due to his many injuries, the Argetinian was Manchester City’s best center-back, only that his aggressive and ruthless style was never well seen in England, but for yours truly that’s what defines a defender, being rude. I am far from being a City supporter, but I hope that the Otamendi – Laporte duo will be one of the best partnerships in the world, and I hope that these good performances will be shown in his national team.

  1. Andreas Christensen


Let’s be honest here, Christensen is too good for his age. He has become a key player for a Chelsea side that is not even the shadow of last season (I still have traumas about that 2015/16 season, it was horrible). His elegant style of play, his passing and his ability to play calm in difficult situations are only some of the things that define him. Destined to be world class, I would never think that he would become so good and important so soon for the team. A diamond in the rough, you could say. An important piece that the Danish national team will take into account for the present and for the future. As a Chelsea supporter I hope he stays with us for many more years.


  1. Mohamed Salah


This I did not ever expect. I knew that Salah was good, but I didn’t think he would amount to this: to come from Serie A and soon to finish the season as the top scorer of the Premier League is something unique, is not it? Well, he’s about to achieve it. If his jersey was blue with red details, was shorter and his hair was smooth we would confuse him quickly with a certain Argentine star (well, do not people call him the “Egyptian Messi”? He has the right to be called like that) He has 30 goals and 9 assists in 32 games, an absurdity in every sense of the word.

Well, with this article I say goodbye for now. There were few surprises and I’m sure I left out some players that you guys expected to be on the list; perhaps I’d write a second part if you like it. I also accept recommendations from you about future articles; I do not always have ideas so any help is very welcome here.

I’ll see you guys later, until next time.



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